Now that Apple has announced iOS 9, how tempted are you to switch? If you’re considering making the transition between competing platforms, Apple has quietly introduced a new app designed to make going from Android to iOS as easy as possible.

With the new Move to iOS app, you can wirelessly switch from your Android device to your new iPhone, securely transferring your contacts, message history, photos and videos, mail accounts and more. All the heavy lifting is done by Apple, so everything you care about should make the switch—even all your apps; paid apps will be added to your wish list, however.

And as an added reminder, downloading the Move to iOS app will suggest you recycle your old Android device, which you can actually do at an Apple store. It’s unclear when Move to iOS will be available, but one would assume that it’ll launch when iOS 9 does this fall, which is when we’re also expecting a duo of new iPhones.