Apple was granted a patent that relates to the detection of water damage on an electronic device. The invention is a strategically placed color-changing strip, which turns red when wet. The inclusion of this technology helps Apple's repair technicians quickly determine if a device has suffered water damage when a customer is attempting to return a damaged or defective device.

Apple applied for the patent back in 2010, but has been using this technology since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. Detailing the importance of this invention in its patent filing, Apple goes on to say:

Water exposure is among major reasons that may cause significant malfunction of devices, such as electronic devices, which include electronic, mechanical, or chemical components. Therefore, verification of significant water exposure (or water immersion) is important to manufacturers of the devices. For example, for purposes such as warranty claim assessment, trouble-shooting for repairs, and product development, a manufacturer of electronic devices typically needs to verify whether a malfunctioning device has been immersed in water.

AppleInsider also revealed Apple has filed a patent for an iPhone Bluetooth headset. Most Bluetooth headsets tend to have short-term battery life, but Apple's new filing describes a headset that can plug into a handset and use its battery for a charge. Apple has a history of filing patents that never get used, so there's no word if such a device will ever make it to retail.

[via: CNET, AppleInsider]