Apple on Tuesday was granted DVR and TV UI patents that are unsurprisingly acting as media fodder for speculation about the company’s mythical HDTV. Nope, not Apple TV, the tiny set-top box. We’re again back talking about an actual, honest-to-goodness television, because Steve Jobs said he cracked the TV, so that means it exists.

The concepts, which are overlaid right onto video content, show off some ideas Apple had for handling the experience. In addition to references to The O.C., which isn’t even a thing anymore, the patent reveals that the interface would be controlled with an iPod-like device.

Reports have shot off over the past several months from several reputable outlets, but nothing of substance has really proved that a TV is being prepared. We’ve heard something could materialize at the end of this year, or maybe in early 2013. But we’ve also heard that we may be in for a wait until 2014.

[via MacRumors]