The Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000 and runs up to $17,000 with the bands that Apple is selling. That's already a steep price, and folks who buy that model are already in a pretty exclusive club. There's one model of the Apple Watch Edition that's not available to everyone, however, and it was gifted by Apple to a designer.

MacRumors noticed recently that German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has a special Apple Watch Edition smartwatch that has, what we presume is, a one of a kind gold link bracelet. The designer's assistant confirmed that Apple made it specifically for Lagerfeld. It's unclear what this band costs to make, or how much it would even cost someone to buy it even if it was publicly available. We bet it's a heck of a lot more than $17,000, though.

Lagerfeld's watch suggests that there might be other unique specially made combinations of the Apple Watch out there. How long until we see a platinum model on Kanye?