Cale Apple Pay Payment With iWatch

Apple's interest in near field communication (NFC) so far has been limited to mobile payments. That may change moving forward now that the Cupertino company has become a key sponsor and board member of the NFC Forum, NFC World reports.

"We are delighted to welcome Apple to our board of directors as an NFC Forum sponsor member," said NFC Forum director Paula Hunter. She added that Apple is now a "top tier" member of the organization.

The news means Apple will have a voice in how NFC develops moving forward. It's unclear if this means the company has bigger plans for the technology beyond Apple Pay. We'd love to see Cupertino open up the NFC chip in recent iOS devices to other features and even third-party developers, though there's no guarantee that will happen anytime soon.

Apple has its hands in a few similar organizations, including the groups guiding development for USB and Bluetooth technology. Rumor has it Cupertino even played a key part in creating USB-C.

Of course, Apple won't have complete control over NFC. The list of Forum Board members already includes Google, Sony, Nokia, Intel, MasterCard and Visa. Even so, moving forward we have a feeling Cupertino will open up a bit more when it comes to NFC.