Next time your iPhone stops working you may be able to skip the Genius Bar altogether. A newly leaked Apple app could bring the company’s customer service right to your device.

According to uSwitch, the new app will provide automated suggestions along with the option to talk directly with an Apple employee. As soon as you boot up the app, it will also automatically have access to a list of every device tied to your Apple ID. One anonymous source told the site that it’s “highly interactive and well integrated.”

The app appears to take several different strategies. First, it asks you to explain the issue, and even offers some standard suggestions on how to fix certain issues. It can also guide you through the process of recovering your device through iTunes, maximizing battery life and more.

If that doesn’t work you can chat directly with an Apple adviser, though it’s unclear if that means a phone call or a text-based chat. You can also use the app to set up an in-store Genius appointment and even request to send the device straight to Apple. That’s a pretty big step up from the current Apple Store app, which only lets you book a Genius Bar appointment.

Overall, Apple’s new app sounds pretty cool. Of course this is just a rumor for now, and it could be a while before the company makes an official announcement. Cupertino typically unveils new apps at WWDC each summer, though it’s possible we’ll learn more before then.