So, you just got out of school and want to celebrate by picking up a new gadget. Consider it a reward for all your hard work. Truth be told, if you're looking for a phone, there's no better time to pick one up—here are five choices to get you started on your way.

But, before you head out to the nearest Apple store, you may want to think twice before picking something up. I'm not saying you shouldn't buy that iPad Pro you've been eyeing for the past few months; but you may want to wait for WWDC, which kicks off on June 5. Here's why.

New iPads

Apple recently unveiled a cheap 9.7-inch iPad that's great for streaming and playing games. But, according to recent rumors, Apple isn't done refreshing its iPad lineup—not by a long shot.

WWDC may see the debut of Apple's fabled 10.5-inch iPad Pro, which may feature a display with minimal bezels and more advanced technology. Not only that, but the death of the iPad mini is reportedly nigh, which is sad news for fans of the diminutive tablet.

Apple's iPad doesn't quite have the allure it once did, but the introduction of a new iPad Pro could make Apple's tablet family the best it's ever been. If a new iPad is in your sights, it'll be worth it to wait and see what Apple has planned—you'll likely have more options and better prices to choose from.

Here come Mac upgrades

The MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is already six months old, and it sounds like some upgrades are in order. A recent report claims Apple is preparing to introduce Intel's Kaby Lake processor to its high-end laptop—a move that will no doubt aggrieve owners of the existing model.

If you haven't purchased a MacBook Pro yet, you'll get to enjoy the benefits of Intel's seventh generation chip, which provides improved graphics performance, among other things. It's not a huge step up from Intel's Skylake, but it certainly makes a difference where the MacBook Pro users need it most (editing video and photos).

Beyond that, Apple will reportedly introduce internal upgrades to its MacBook and MacBook Air, the latter of which hasn't seen a significant update since 2015. With Microsoft's new Surface Laptop in the mix, the more Mac products Apple updates the better.

A Siri speaker

People were skeptical when the Amazon Echo launched. Now, it's one of the industry's hottest devices, spurning Google to release its own smart home speaker. Even speakers with Microsoft's Cortana are on the way. Leave it to Apple to be last to release a speaker with its digital assistant built-in.

It's unclear how Apple's Siri speaker will stand out from the crowd, but it will presumably play nice with Apple Music and other Apple services. We also don't know how much it will cost or what it will look like.

Which is to say, if you're in the market for a smart home speaker, Apple is preparing to announce one very soon. The Siri speaker won't replace any existing Apple products, but waiting until Apple makes an announcement will give consumers a better idea of how it compares to the Echo and Home, two of the most popular options on the market.

The most exciting iPhone ever

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are still excellent despite being several months old. In fact, they're among the very best smartphones you can buy right now. But the longer you wait to buy one, the more reason you have to hold off for the iPhone 8, which Apple is expected to release this fall.

According to multiple rumors, the iPhone 8 is expected to feature a dual camera setup, AR functionality, facial recognition technology, and an OLED display that features virtually no bezels. In other words, it'll be the most technologically-advanced iPhone yet.

If you've looked at the Galaxy S8 and thought, "I wish the iPhone was like that," well, you're in luck, because it sounds like the iPhone 8 will take a lot of inspiration from its Korean competitor. You can't go wrong with the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, but if you prefer to have the latest and greatest, it may be worth it to wait until this fall to see what the iPhone 8 has to offer.

Just be aware that it might be more expensive than previous iPhone releases. That's the price to pay for new technology.

Apple Watch and AirPods

There are still some Apple gadgets worth picking up right now, as they're not expected to receive any major upgrades anytime soon. The AirPods, for example, were only just released at the end of last year, while the Apple Watch has morphed more into a fitness device, so it doesn't need yearly updates.

There have been some rumblings Apple is working on more advanced bands for the Apple Watch, but I would expect the current crop of devices to support whatever it is Apple is developing. At the very least, the second generation Apple Watch will likely support these bands (if they're released at all).

Apple appears to have a lot on its plate over the next several months, and we haven't even mentioned the company's upcoming iMac and Mac Pro refreshes. Oh, and Apple previously said it's working on a new pro display, too.

With WWDC right around the corner—a keynote is scheduled for June 5—it would be wise to wait and see what Apple is going to announce. After all, there's nothing worse than buying a new gadget only to see a new version of that same gadget come out shortly after.