Apple wants to add the Galaxy S4 to the list of infringing products the Cupertino company believes violate its patents. According to Florian Mueller at FOSS Patents, the company made the request to U.S. Court Judge Lucy Koh, even though both companies were asked to back off their infringement claims. The Galaxy S4 would bring Apple's current hit list to 23 products. However, the company may drop one of the devices from its case.

Both Apple and Samsung have been requested to whittle down the number of alleged infringing products to 10 per side, CNET said, and only five patent-infringement claims per side. Like Apple, Samsung has a list of its own claiming Apple devices infringe on the Korean company's patents. Samsung's Galaxy S4 is the company's latest flagship device—it was only a matter of time before the handset was added to Apple's list.

Samsung recently argued that an injunction on its devices would "intimidate" customers, while Apple has requested to see Android source code in the suit.