iOS 5 - Official - iMessageThat weird, annoying, and downright dubious iMessage bug that seemingly tied the service to a specific handset, even after remote wipe and deactivation, has allegedly been fixed. According to The Next Web, Apple actually corrected the issue when it launched iOS 6 by placing new checks and security measures in place. It’s about time.

Of particular note, Apple has implemented a system that requires users to re-enter a password to use iMessage once Apple ID credentials have been changed, TNW explained. Before, stolen or otherwise lost devices would still receive iMessages no matter what, even after a user would begin using a different one.

In addition to the password precaution, Apple has also made it so simply moving your SIM into a new phone or wiping one through Find My iPhone also prevents the flaw from happening. It took Apple quite a long time to put this fire out, but it finally sounds like everything is under control. Now if only the company could actually keep the service online.

[via TheNextWeb]