Last week, Apple released an ad displaying the impressive capabilities of Face ID on the iPhone X. It’s a great commercial, getting right to the point. However, it unceremoniously contained a pesky iOS 11 bug that somehow got through Apple’s creative team.

It was not a good look for Apple, and the Cupertino company has fixed the ad to avoid further embarrassment. The bug in question cuts notification texts short within the bubble box. It’s a common bug that Apple has failed to fix in real life, which is why it showed up in the ad in the first place.

Apple completely reshot the scene in which the bug appeared. This time around, instead of the text showing up outside of the bubble box, the text pauses for a second while the bubble box expands and then appears.

Somehow Apple managed to fix the video without re-uploading to YouTube.

The issue itself was quite minor, but the fact that a common iOS 11 bug made into a commercial displays Apple’s inability to fix issues affecting its mobile software. It’s an issue that has been dogging Apple of late so much so, it is reportedly abandoning major upgrades to iOS 12 in favor of focusing on performance and stability. That’s probably for the best at this point.