Apple on Thursday said the first HomeKit devices should arrive next month, refuting a report from Fortune claiming the platform had been delayed to the fall.

The Cupertino company told The Wall Street Journal that HomeKit accessories will be "coming next month." In the same statement, Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller said Apple has been working closely with dozens of partners to bring these accessories to market.

Devices using the HomeKit framework will be able to communicate with connected accessories in a user's home, which can be triggered into action using Siri. It was first introduced at last year's WWDC, and has been slowly boiling as Apple enlists the help of partners to build out a HomeKit army. There's hasn't been too much notable activity from the platform over the past few months—a certification program was introduced in November—but the first accessories are finally ready to make their debut.

With WWDC planned for early June, Apple will probably use the event to announce when the first HomeKit devices will be available.