iPhone 5s Gold, Silver, Standing

Apple has been fined by the Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission for dictating how much the country's local carriers can sell iPhones for. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple's fine comes in at about $670,000. That's a lot on paper, though pocket change for the cash-heavy Cupertino-based company. Apple's fine may increase by more than two times the aforementioned figure if it doesn't stop interfering with the carrier's pricing of iPhones immediately, though it does have an option to appeal the ruling.

The Taiwanese carriers in question include Far Eastone Telecommunication Company, Taiwan Mobile and Chunghwa Telecom Company, all of which were apparently told to change the prices on their iPhones, presumably so that Apple would make more off of each sale. In Taiwan, once a carrier signs on to distribute iPhones, Apple no longer has control over how much the price will be on those phones.

It appears that the carriers weren't the ones complaining about the prices: The Wall Street Journal said each of the three aforementioned carriers regularly contacted Apple to get approval on iPhone pricing. That seems pretty standard, though Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission rules prohibit that kind of activity. Apple has not commented on the suit or addressed whether or not it will file an appeal.