Apple's supply chain partners, such as Foxconn, were 95 percent compliant with rules that employees need to work fewer than 60 hours per week. In fact, the average work week was under 50 hours, Apple revealed. The figures are part of the Cupertino company's Supplier Responsibility Report, which was initially released back in January and updated this week to reflect end-of-year findings. External audits last year revealed supply partners were 92 percent compliant—updates are apparently made every month.

Earlier this year, almost 400 audits were performed at all levels of partnering supply chains, up almost 72 percent from 2011. With so much concern over who makes our fancy tech gadgets, it sure seems like Apple is committed to ensuring conditions are somewhat pleasant at overseas factories. This year, we've seen accusations of labor abuse and pollution issues at Apple suppliers; before that, a number of reports came out in 2012 regarding supposed underage workers, poor factory conditions and more.

With a 95 percent work week labor compliance rating, it would appear employees at least aren't being run into the ground. With its Supplier Responsibility Report, Apple is publicly taking responsibility to ensure working conditions are at least bearable. In 2012, Apple also opened its supply chain to the Fair Labor Association, the first tech company to do so, and we expect it to continue to make sure its suppliers uphold these conditions.