Most people these days rely on their smartphone's camera for the bulk of their picture taking needs. Among the most prominent photography-friendly handsets is Apple's iPhone. Possibly recognizing the growing popularity of phone photography, Apple has filed for a very un-Apple-like patent.

The would be invention depicts an iPhone with a removable back panel which would allow its user to switch between different camera lenses, similar to what you'd see with DSLR cameras. Further adding to the blasphemy of removable parts on an iPhone, the patent application also details the possibility of a panel with dual-lenses in opposing corners.

There's no telling if this idea will ever come to fruition or if Apple is just trying to prevent its competitors from using a similar idea. However, if such an invention were to ever come out of Cupertino, it would definitely show that Apple is truly in a post-Steve Jobs era and likely upset a lot of third-party accessory makers.

[via: USPTO]