Apple fall patent 2

Apple has filed a new patent that would take some of the fear out of watching your phone as gravity takes over and propels it towards the ground.

Just about every cell phone user has felt that rising dread in their stomach as they’ve watched their precious, and fragile, smartphone slip from their hand and fall towards a shattering end on the ground. Apple is aware of this, and to that end it has filed for a new patent labeled as “Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device.”

The patent calls for a motor in devices that would sense the fall and rotate the phone to impact in a less vulnerable manner such as on its side. Certainly the phone or tablet then would fall on to its back or front once it landed, but the screens should be able to survive the short fall from that angle without too much damage.

The patent goes into some fantastical solutions such as fans or jet propulsion to soften the landing, but it does cover the idea of a motor that would change the orientation of the device, which seems to be the more likely solution to be implemented.

As with all patents, just because it has been filed doesn’t mean it will necessarily ever be put into use, but it is definitely an intriguing idea.

Apple falling patent 1