I know there are a lot of oddball dating sites out there.  I once did a list for a site of over 120 dating sites with things getting as specific as a site just for people who play World of Warcraft, to one just for farmers (aptly named “FarmersOnly.com”).  There is a dating site for just about every niche out there.

However, have you ever thought about finding love based solely on your fondness for shiny objects?  Do you long for someone that you can use the Bump iPhone app (iTunes link) with at all hours of the night?  Then you need to head over to Cupidtino, a dating site “created for fans of Apple products by fans of Apple products.”

Cupidtino was announced last month, and while I wanted to write it up almost immediately for just how silly it was, none of us around here could determine if the site was real or not.  I was leaning towards it was on the up and up, but others thought it wasn’t, so we decided to skip it.  However, now it has opened to the public, albeit still in Beta, and it is indeed real, and it is truly just for Apple product users as I found when I tried to enter the signup page on my PC.

cupidtino pc screen

So, seeing as I own an iPad, I couldn’t resist checking it out, although I have zero intention of ever using its services.  Signing up was a breeze, you get in, and … when is Apple filing the lawsuits?

cupidtino confirmation

There are Apple design influences all over this site, and then there are some downright ripoffs of using Apple’s imagery (such as PC and Mac above), that make me fairly certain that Apple’s lawyers will be contacting this site at some point in the not too distant future.  However, the little face icon in the bottom left of the profile page isn’t going to make them too happy, nor do I think they will thrill to the dock at the bottom of the screen.

All that aside, the site does let you boast about what Apple hardware you own and integrates with iTunes to show off your taste in apps, movies and more.  For now it is free while it remains in Beta, and it does say it will eventually cost, but all the site will say about pricing is that it is some new innovative pricing model, but gives you no clues to what that is.

There are some silly ideas out there, and this really isn’t any sillier than some of the others I’ve seen, but I just can’t imagine anyone basing their romantic life around, “Oh wow, we both love the iPhone!  SQUEEEE!”  I’m sure a lot of Democrats and Republicans both have iPhones.  I’m sure a lot of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice advocates both have iPhones.  I’m sure a lot of Ninjas and a lot of Pirates both have iPhones … you get the idea.

What say you?  Good idea or bad idea?  Will they get a lawsuit?

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