Apple will open its first office in Cambridge, U.K. in the coming weeks, Business Weekly reports. The Cupertino company is following a handful of other tech giants like Microsoft, Qualcomm, Huawei and Spotify, who have all set up shop in the college town as well.

Apple’s new office will apparently be located at 90 Hills Road, making it a short drive to the University of Cambridge campus and just a few steps away from the school’s botanical garden. The R&D facility will reportedly house about 20 Apple employees at first, but could fit up to 40 total. Based on the building’s official website, the building looks like a modern space with a sleek all-white interior design that should match Apple’s aesthetic.

Apple’s new office isn’t a spur of the minute decision. In fact, according to Business Weekly, the U.K. government has spent the last 25 years trying to convince the Cupertino company to plant its roots in the country, and now that it has some competition in the region Apple may finally be ready to make the leap.