According to 9to5Mac, folks who own an iPhone beyond the 60-day window are noticing their device is suddenly eligible for AppleCare+. Before, only Macs had the option of adding Apple Care+ within one year of the initial purchase. Apple hasn’t announced or commented on the updates.

AppleCare+ covers everything from accidental damage to hardware issues, extending coverage for two years of original purchase date. It offers two incidents of accidental damage coverage, which is subject to a fee of $29 for screen damage, or $99 for any other damage.

The move comes on the heels of Apple stating in January it wanted to double revenue through its warranty services within the next four years. This should help reach that goal.

If AppleCare+ is added through the Apple Store app, Apple will do a Remote Diagnostic to make sure the phone is running smoothly. If purchased inside an Apple Store, technicians will perform a mandatory inspection of the device.

Unfortunately, the extension doesn’t apply to the Apple Watch or iPad

9to5Mac stated that it also checked to see if the Apple Watch or iPad qualified for the new extension, but they don’t. That support may come at a later date, but currently, it’s not yet available.