Did you know that when you buy an accessory from the Apple Store, it has to go through a whole bunch of stringent tests to get onto those shelves? Third-party accessories must meet Apple's standards if they are to be sold in its stores, and its new webpage gives us a glimpse at that process.

"Each case design for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch has to go through a series of tests before it reaches the Apple Store," Apple explains. "So you can be sure the case you buy is a perfect match for your iOS device."

One of the things Apple looks at is design; no one wants ill-fitting protection, so Apple ensures that all cases it sells fit like a glove. It also performs a series of drop tests to make sure that they provide plenty of protection, and don't break easily.

Apple also ensures that all cases provide enough room for the camera and flash on your device, as well as the speaker, microphones, and Lightning port. You won't find cases that block Touch ID or your device's ambient light sensor in the Apple Store, either.

Apple's tests mean that customers can rely on the accessories they buy from Apple Stores. While they may not carry an Apple logo, they must meet the Cupertino company's high standards — and that means they're worth spending your money on.