macbook air 3

Apple will announce a thinner and faster MacBook Air lineup with all-new internals at its Worldwide Developers Conference next June, according to a new report. The company is also expected to introduce a larger 15-inch model.

Citing sources in Apple’s supply chain, Taiwan’s Economic Daily News reports that the new MacBook Airs will boast “fully redesigned” internal components, which will allow the notebook’s chassis to become slimmer. Apple is said to be working closely with its component suppliers to develop those internals.

Perhaps the biggest change to the lineup could be the introduction of a larger 15-inch MacBook Air. It’s unclear whether there is a future for the 11-inch model, but with the 12-inch MacBook now in Apple’s lineup, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Apple drop the smaller MacBook Air.

It’s likely Apple’s new MacBook Airs would take some design cues from that 12-inch MacBook, which packs an incredibly small logic board with low-voltage chips that require no fan, and just a single USB-C port. Whether they will finally get a Retina display, too, remains to be seen.

According to the Economic Daily News, which has a somewhat spotty track record with it comes to Apple rumors, the new MacBook Air family will be unveiled at WWDC 2016 next June.