Apple iPhone 6-2

A new report from The Information claims Google could be dropped from Apple's Safari next year, replaced by either Yahoo or Bing. Google has been the default search engine on the iPhone since 2007, a deal from which Apple makes a pretty penny. But with the deal between Apple and Google coming to a close, the iPhone maker is allegedly on the prowl for an alternative. Given Apple's previous relationship with Yahoo, one would think the online company is the front runner.

The Information's report says both Microsoft and Yahoo have already pitched the idea of Apple ditching Google to Apple SVP Eddy Cue. It's unclear how those discussions went, and it's also unclear whether or not Google has made its case to remain Safari's default search. Microsoft currently has a leg up as Bing is used by Siri, while Yosemite's revamped Spotlight also uses the Redmond company's search technology.

Apple's attempts to distance itself from Google have been well documented; the company dropped services such as YouTube and Maps from iOS long ago, but the biggest change could come if Apple decides to relegate Google as Safari's default search. Apple users could just as easily switch back to Google if indeed a change happens, though the more likely scenario would probably see customers not even bother. Bing, Yahoo, Google; it's all the same to a lot of people.

Apple is expected to sell millions and millions of new iPhones during calendar Q4 of this year, which pans out to an obscene amount of money in search ads. It would be a huge loss for Google, and a big win for whichever company Apple chooses. The change could occur as soon as next year, perhaps when iOS sees its annual summer refresh. More details will likely hit before then, so we'll be on the lookout for any new reports.