Apple's making big moves to manufacture parts in the United States. It's already building the Mac Pro at a plant in Texas, is developing a new plant in Arizona and, now, may be looking to send some business to New York. According to Times Union, local firm GlobalFoundries is "preparing to make chips for Apple's iPhone and iPad at its Fab 8 complex in Malta."

Apple typically employs Samsung to build its chips, some of which are already built in Austin, Texas, and it's not necessarily going to ditch the South Korean company. Instead, Samsung will reportedly work with GlobalFoundries to prepare the factory to build Apple's chips, though Times Union says GlobalFoundries has not confirmed those suspicions.

It seems odd that Samsung would assist GlobalFoundries only to then walk away from its deal to build chips, though perhaps Apple has some sort of agreement in place with both companies. The thought is that Apple is simply expanding to GlobalFoundries to increase overall production of chips without sending business abroad, and GlobalFoundries appears to have the capacity to do just that.