Have you noticed that the quality of the"Featured and "What's hot" apps in the Apple App Store have seemed to decline in quality recently? You're not alone. In fact, I was just wondering about this recently and, it turns out, plenty of other people are also curious why Apple has been highlighting crummy, spam-like knock-off apps in the iTunes App Store. Ultimately, it comes down to Apple SVP of global marketing, Phil Schiller, and his team's decision to highlight these applications. Schiller recently admitted the problem on Twitter.

Twitter user Shane McCafferty recently published a screenshot of knockoff versions for "2048," a popular game that has had its fair share of copycats. Apple seems to be highlighting other versions of the title including "2048 :)" and "2048!!!" among others. The company also had several listings under "What's Hot" for additional knock-off spammy versions of the actual game, 2048, that isn't listed at all.

In response, Apple's Phil Schiller said "Shouldn't happen. We'll look into it. Thank you."

It seems likely these apps aren't being curated by humans, but that would be one way Apple could avoid this situation altogether. We hope it boosts the quality soon.