The new iPad isn’t the only thing Apple announced in Chicago at its education-focused event. Aside from making it easier for teachers and administrators to manage classrooms, the company inserted itself into the conversation as an educator. Apple introduced Everyone Can Create, a program that goes beyond just teaching students how to code.

Coding isn’t for everyone, so the company wants students to choose a discipline to embrace. Then Apple can help them learn and excel at their own pace.

Everyone Can Create covers four areas — drawing, photography, video, and music. The big advantage of using an iPad is that Apple’s tablet has all of the necessary components. Other devices, including those based on Google’s Chrome OS, cannot go as far in the learning process.

With Apple Pencil (or a third-party stylus), a student can go from coloring between lines to sketching complex illustrations. The same type of thing happens for the other disciplines. Apple leverages components like the front-facing camera and speakers to show students how video/sound editing and other processes are done. Teachers, however, aren’t leaving their students alone in Apple’s hands. The program provides teachers with guides as well.

The program is live today in preview, and Apple will roll out more content over the summer. Everyone Can Create should be loaded with fresh content by the time the 2018-2019 school year arrives.