A new MacBook, Apple Watch pricing, and a platform that could change how the medical community does its research. These were the major announcements Apple made on Monday morning, the stuff Apple fans will be playing with in the future—in just a month from today, actually. Oh, and HBO’s new standalone service is also making its way to Apple products in a time-exclusive.


At an event that focused mostly on hardware, ResearchKit turned out to be Apple’s biggest surprise. The new platform essentially turns every iPhone out there into a vessel for medical data collection. Rather than trying to convince people to take part in medical studies, iPhone users willing to provide feedback can contribute to research for diseases like Parkinsons and more. It’s completely open source, Apple said, and also completely private (Apple will never see what you do).

There are five apps currently available for the platform, though ResearchKit doesn’t actually launch until next month. Give it a shot if you think you have valuable insight to share with Apple and its medical partners. It could become an invaluable tool for discovering cures for some of the worst conditions known to man.

Apple TV

Apple TV got a nice little price drop—from $99 to $69—along with exclusive dibs on HBO Now. Actually, all Apple devices will be able to run HBO’s exciting new standalone service, which will be $14.99 per month. That’s a little more expensive than most subscription-based services, but this is HBO we’re talking about; people have shown a willingness to shell out a pretty penny for the channel’s quality content, and I’m sure a lot of people will subscribe when HBO Now launch in April.


The new MacBook is thinnest and lightest laptop Apple has ever released—13.1mm thin and just 2 pounds. It also sports a Retina Display and a single USB Type-C port. Despite the smaller form factor, it sports a totally revamped full-size keyboard, along with a brand new trackpad, which features Force Touch technology. But even without a fan or a very powerful processor, the MacBook isn’t cheap; when it launches in April, the MacBook will start at $1,299 and $1,599.

Apple Watch

The most expensive Apple Watch will set users back a ridiculous $17,000. But let’s be honest: only a fraction of people will actually be able to afford that. For most people, the Apple Watch Sport Edition, which starts at $349, will be what iPhone users will want. There are a whole lot of different versions, and pricing will depend on what band and size you want, so choose wisely. Based on what we’ve seen and know, the Apple Watch isn’t really grabbing our attention, though we’ll reserve judgement until we actually try one out for an extended period of time.

Monday’s event wasn’t quite on the level of an iPad or iPhone event, but there was plenty of fresh Apple gear. Apple is setting itself up to take on the future with devices like the Apple Watch and MacBook, but it’s ResearchKit that might stand to become the most important announcement Apple makes all year. We’ll see how that develops over the next several months, and how/if it actually influences the medical community.

For more on what Apple introduced on Monday, check out the video above.