Apple OLED TV - Siri

Will Apple’s iTV be a success? We don’t even know if it exists yet, but, if it does come to fruition, Piper Jaffrey analyst Gene Munster thinks it could grab as much as 5-10% of the connected TV market in the first year it’s on sale. He also estimates that Apple could sell 5.5 – 11 million units during the same time period. “We expect the TV to include Siri and compatibility with third party devices as well as potential integration with content guides, offering consumers improved control which should lead to greater value from their monthly cable subscription,” Munster said. “We note that cable companies could charge a fee for consumers to use Apple Televisions ($5-10/month similar to cable box rental fees). Some investors do not believe Apple will be able to gain control of cable interfaces due to advertising on the interface, but we note that the ads are typically house ads and are not significant revenue contributors.”

[via Barron’s