Amazon’s Echo will have competition in the form of Google Home later this year, but that won’t be the only device vying for your home. According to The Information, Apple is reportedly working on an Echo-like device, one that will finally open Siri up to third-party developers with an official SDK.

If true, users would be able to use Apple’s new device to do everything from buy movie tickets to request an Uber—all without their phone. As 9to5Mac notes, Apple has opened Siri up to a handful of third-party services in the past, but those deals have come on a company-by-company basis. Offering an official SDK will allow developers big and small to get in on the action.

The report claims Apple has been working on its device for several months now though it’s unclear how far along the device is to being ready for launch. The Siri SDK will apparently be made available in time for WWDC in June, with the rumored Echo competitor to follow later this year.

In addition to a potential Echo-like device, The Information’s report describes Siri as a much more powerful personal assistant. With reports the AI might also show up on the Mac, one would hope Apple has done everything it can to match up against Google Home, which is not only capable of taking simple requests, but handle follow-up questions as well.

WWDC kicks off on June 13