iPhone 4S in front of box 2Say goodbye to the iPhone 3GS, and hello to an 8GB model of the iPhone 4S in its wake. According to the Telegraph, Apple is set to offer up a whopping deal for last year’s model to occupy a “middle price point,” just as the company did with the iPhone 4 in 2011. And so history repeats itself.

When Apple unveils the iPhone 5, the company will reportedly offer up the usual 16/32/64 GB storage options, and entice the mid/low-end market with the 4S. It makes sense, and typifies Apple’s continued devotion to offering up previous models at chopped down prices.

We’ve already suspected the iPhone 3GS was on its way out; it’s old and decrepit by today’s standards. Besides, shifting the iPhone 4 to potentially being free will help the company grab a large chunk, as would an 8GB version of the 4S. I guess we’ll find out on Sept. 12.

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