Find my iPhone

Slowly but surely, Apple is completely cleansing itself of the last remnants of Google Maps. On its iCloud website, users are finding that Google Maps is no longer the featured service for Find my iPhone. Google Maps was previously purged from Apple's ecosystem when Apple Maps was introduced with iOS 6. This is one of the last memories being erased.

Upon this writing, not everyone is seeing the switch just yet. I just checked my iCloud account and still see Google Maps; 9to5Mac says Apple is either testing or slowly making the change behind-the-scenes. Either way, Find my iPhone will still function as normal—things will just look a bit different. Really, that should make no difference to you or me.

For those who have noticed the change, Apple allegedly now lists its data partners, such as TomTom; there are other UI tweaks, too. Apple still uses Google Maps for retail store listings, so the search giant's service isn't completely gone. However, it appears Apple is ready to rid its properties of Google Maps once and for all.