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The United States International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled on Friday that Apple is not infringing on HTC's patents. The two companies are involved in several lawsuits against one another but this one specifically involved a filing in 2010 in which HTC accused Apple of infringing on five patents related to phone dialing and power management, Reuters said Friday. HTC originally sought to ban sales of Apple's iPad, iPod and iPhone products.

HTC has a separate suit against Apple that it filed in August of last year. In it, it accused Apple of infringing on three different patents. In addition, Apple filed a suit against HTC claiming that the Taiwan-based phone and tablet maker infringed on ten of its patents. The ITC ruled in July that HTC was indeed infringing on two of those patents. HTC appealed the suit and in December the ITC ruled that HTC was infringing on just one of Apple's patents. Apple then appealed that case later in December in an effort to include more patents and beef up its case to ban the import of HTC phones. A final ruling for that case has not yet been dealt.

[via Reuters]