apple power adapter

Apple is developing a 17-watt power adapter that will power a new device, AppleInsider reports, citing "people familiar with the matter." The site also claims that Cupertino may release the new product (besides the iPhone or iPad, of course) in the next 12 months, though it's unclear what the device will be.

AppleInsider's claims the adapter won't be used to power an upgraded version of a pre-existing device, such as the new iPad, but will instead ship with an entirely new product. Speculation on what Apple is developing so far has focused on the rumored 13-inch iPad, as well as the possibility of a touch-screen notebook running either OS X or more likely iOS. Cupertino is also rumored to be developing an iWatch, but a 17-watt charger seems a bit big for such a small device.

Apple only makes power adapters for its portable devices, which rules out the long-rumored iTV or the upcoming Mac Pro. The current iPad comes with a 12-watt adapter, while the MacBook Air uses 45 watts, indicating the new device will be more likely run iOS than OS X. Then again, Apple has a long history of developing new products and then scrapping them on the factory floor, meaning we may never see the new mystery device at all.