All the rumor stars seem to be aligning on a mid-October release for the next iPhone.

According to AppleInsider, Apple is quietly denying vacation requests for the second week in October, a move that indicates the company expects a larger-than-normal amount of customers during that time. Employees are reportedly being denied vacation requests from October 9th through 12th and October 14th through 15th.

Current rumors indicate that Apple will be releasing iOS 5 on Monday October 10 for existing devices. The first set of dates is likely to deal with those customers, while the second set may be for the release of the next iPhone, which is rumored to be announced 10 days earlier on October 4.

Releasing iOS 5 prior to the next iPhone would fall in line with previous Apple releases and updates. Apple released iOS 4 slightly before the iPhone 4, and iOS 3 a few days before the release of the iPhone 3GS.

While we seem to know when the next iPhone is coming, we still don't have any firm details about what hardware changes we're going to see with the device. What are you hoping to see in the next iPhone?

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