iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s-3

There seems to be a new Apple rumor every single day. Apple is building a TV set. Apple is building a car. Apple is building a streaming TV service. Apple is building new iPhones. Apple will launch an MVNO.

Some of them make sense and are more practical, others seem more like moonshots (the car, in my book, seems like a stretch), but Apple doesn’t usually confirm or deny rumors. On Tuesday it did.

A rumor circulated on Monday that suggested Apple is working to deploy its own mobile virtual operator network (MVNO) that would piggyback on networks owned by the major U.S. wireless carriers in the United States. It sounded a bit like Google Fi, which does the exact same. Now Apple says that’s not happening.

“Apple says it has not discussed & is not planning MVNO cellular service following reports saying it was planning on doing that,” CNBC Tweeted this morning.

Of course, Apple could have any number of plans up its sleeves, and it can freely deny or confirm whatever it wants. But, perhaps in an effort not to anger carrier partners who might not like it to operate such a network, it decided to deny this specific rumor. Take for example, how angry Sprint and T-Mobile might be if Apple was planning to work with AT&T and Verizon on an MVNO.

Monday’s rumor suggested the MVNO was still as far as 5 years out, so perhaps — if there is something going on internally — it’s at such an early stage that Apple sees no reason for anyone to speculate on its future.