Apple is developing a custom, health-based chip for its devices. The chip, according to CNBC, could be integrated into existing units or paired alongside them.

While the exact purpose is unconfirmed, it feels like Apple wants to feature enhanced tracking and monitoring on its next-generation lineup. The iPhone and the Apple Watch are already able to understand a user, but this chip would be used solely for that purpose and get a more accurate reading.

In recent months, the Cupertino-based company’s been on a hiring spree. The new talent will join its Health Sensing team. From the job listings, Apple wants talent with a history in sensors, health, wellness, and fitness.

The health and wellness sector is attractive of user information. Although the company isn’t selling that data to advertisers, the iPhone and the Apple Watch are able to offer better, unique experiences. People around the world are also expressing much more of an interest in their lifestyles. If Apple cements its spot in health and wellness, hardware and software sales will continue flowing in.

As it currently stands, don’t expect to see Apple roll out this chip anytime soon. The development might be very early on. With the development of custom displays ongoing and set for a 2020 release date, Apple could be looking to overhaul its portfolio at the turn of the decade.