Apple has credited the team behind the latest iOS 8.1 jailbreak for finding vulnerabilities in its mobile operating system. Thanks to the Pangu team, the Cupertino company was able to fix flaws with its most recent iOS 8.1.1 release that may have otherwise gone unrecognized.

Apple has long been playing a game of cat and mouse with iOS hackers. The company makes efforts to fix vulnerabilities that make jailbreaking exploits possible with almost every iOS update it rolls out, while the teams behind hacks like Pangu and Evasi0n work hard to find more.

Crediting Pangu for highlighting flaws in iOS 8, then, is almost rubbing it in — but not many can say they've gotten a mention in the release notes for an iOS update. Pangu's work helped uncover a state management issue in the "dyld" directory, as well as a validation issue in the handling of certain metadata fields in the iOS kernel, according to Apple's support pages for the iOS 8.1.1 update.

Of course, now that these vulnerabilities have been patched, Pangu's latest hack doesn't work with iOS 8.1.1. If you want to keep your jailbreak, then, you'll need to remain on iOS 8.1 for now and ensure you don't install Apple's over-the-air update anytime soon.

Pangu and others will likely be hard at work finding new flaws in iOS 8.1.1 already. It usually takes time for the latest iOS updates to be cracked, but the team's latest release came just days after iOS 8.1 made its way into public hands.