It's no secret Apple Music and Spotify are in a hotly contested battle for music streaming supremacy. Each has offered exclusives, be it with music content or music videos, to make their service more alluring to prospective customers.

An interesting microcosm of the battle took place this past weekend with The Weeknd's new album, "My Dear Melancholy." Both services streamed the album beginning on Friday, March 30, but by the end of the weekend, there was one clear winner: Apple Music.

"My Dear Melancholy" snagged over 26 million streams on Apple Music, with 6 million of those coming directly from the lead single, "Call Out My Name." Spotify, by comparison, only managed 3.5 million streams of the single during the same timeframe.

Making the feat more impressive for Apple Music is that Spotify actively held marketing to make the album more enticing on its service. It currently boasts two exclusive music videos for the album and The Weeknd tagged the streaming service on two Instagram posts related to the album. Yet Apple Music prevailed.

Unfortunately for Spotify, this is becoming a trend. Last year, Drake's "More Life" album was streamed 89.9 million time on Apple Music during its first 24 hours. Spotify came in a distance second place with 61.3 million streams. Post Malone's "Rockstar" single saw a similar outcome late last year. During its first week of availability, the single was streamed 25 million times on Apple Music – a new record for the service – signifying a 56-percent take of total streams for the single.

Before you declare Spotify dead, it still comfortably leads Apple Music in subscribers. That, however, is not helping it land more streams, which is becoming more of a problem. It means nothing to boast most subscribers if its competitor earns more streams.