Apple China

Apple again on Wednesday appeared in a Shanghai court in an effort to persuade judges there that it owns the rights to the iPad trademark. A Chinese firm called Proview has been accusing Apple of using its trademark, but the Cupertino-based company says that it already purchased the rights to using the “iPad” moniker from Proview.

As Reuters explained, smaller courts have blocked Apple from selling the iPad in China but a ruling against the Cupertino-based company in Shanghai could force Apple to pull out of one of its largest Chinese markets; Shanghai is home to three of China’s five total official Apple Store locations. Apple’s argument in the case has also been that Proview doesn’t even have a product called the iPad on the market.

“Proview has no product, no markets, no customers and no suppliers,” Guangdong Shendadi partner Hu Jinnan, a lawyer representing Apple, argued in court. “It has nothing. Apple has huge sales in China. Its fans line up to buy Apple products. The ban, if executed, would not only hurt Apple sales but it would also hurt China’s national interest.” Apple, fed up with Proview’s tactics, has also threatened to sue Proview.

It remains unclear when the court will issue a ruling in the case, although Apple will no doubt appeal if the court rules in Proview’s favor. Proview on Tuesday said that it was also open to negotiations with Apple to settle out of court.

[via Reuters]