apple money

You might not know it, but every time you buy an iOS app or make an in-app purchase Apple gets a cut. The company actually takes 30 percent of those revenues, but it may be willing to take a smaller slice in the future.

Specifically, The Financial Times reports that Apple may take a smaller percentage of in-app subscription fees moving forward. That could be a huge deal with third-party developers who have complained about the company's policies in the past. Not only does Cupertino get 30 percent of any subscriptions you set up in an iOS app, it also blocks apps from linking out to a separate site for subscription sign-ups. That forces you to subscribe in the app, ultimately forcing developers into giving Apple a cut.

It's unclear exactly how much Apple may take in the future, though MacRumors notes that the company only takes 15 percent of subscription fees on Apple TV. It's possible that rate could transfer to iOS as well. Of course, Apple still takes a 30 percent cut of other in-app purchases and any paid apps you buy, so it probably won't lose that much money either way.