If you fail to snag an iPhone X preorder this Friday, Apple has good news: the device will be available at Apple stores on launch day (November 3).

Apple fans are all too familiar with waiting in line ahead of major releases—Samsung poked fun at these very fans in its marketing campaigns for years. Conversely, it’s often a point of pride for Apple; the company’s hype videos tout fan fervor like a badge, especially when a new iPhone hits the market.

The iPhone X is the biggest update Apple has ever introduced, so you can pretty much guarantee lines will be incredibly long.

Potential buyers also have to take into account the seedier side of waiting in line. While most fans do it for the experience—and to get a new device—some people wait in line with the intention of reselling Apple’s products on the black market.

With reports saying the iPhone X will be in low supply this holiday season, you can bet resellers will be even more aggressive with their tactics.

While Apple doesn’t specifically mention low supply or the reseller market, the company is encouraging people to “arrive early.”

If you plan on preordering the iPhone X, there are steps you can take to give yourself a better chance of getting one. If that doesn’t work, your best bet will be to wait outside an Apple store with millions of other fans.