Apple Earthquake

Apple has pledged a 50 million yuan (approx. $8 million USD) donation in response to a devastating earthquake that struck the Shichuan province in China over the weekend. The company has also updated its official Chinese website to address the issue and give its condolences to those affected by the tragedy.

At this difficult time, our hearts are with the victims of the Sichuan earthquake. Aside from the cash donation to help the affected people to tide over their difficulties, we are committed to providing new Apple devices to schools in the disaster area, and Apple employees in the locality are on stand-by at any time to help.

Apple has been having hard time in China facing streams of criticisms from state-run media. In the past month alone, CEO Tim Cook apologized for unfair warranty policies, and Apple was also hit with a $530,000 lawsuit after a third party app was discovered to stream cartoons owned by a state-run animation studio.

Apple has donated money to areas hit by disasters in the past, so this is not a just a response to get some good press in a country that has been hostile towards it. Rival electronics company Samsung also donated 60 million yuan (approx. $9 million USD) a few hours before Apple's announcement.