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Following reports last month that a Chinese woman was killed when she received an electric shock after answering her charging iPhone, and in addition to claims that the culprit was a poorly-made third-party charger, Apple announced today that it will offer a trade-in program for its USB power adapters. Starting later this month, customers will be able to purchase a new adapter for just $10 when they trade-in a broken or third-party model.

The program will kick off on August 16 in the U.S. and August 9 in China. However, the discounted price will only be available through October 18. Customers will also need to bring in an iPhone, iPad or iPod (Apple says it needs your serial number from the actual device) to take advantage of the offer, and are limited to one trade-in per each device.

Shortly after the death of Chinese flight attendant Ma Ailun, Apple launched a webpage to help customers identify the differences between its own power adapters and counterfeit models. The company also issued a formal condolence for the woman’s family, and promised to investigate the cause of her death.