Yesterday we heard a rumor that Apple might let us buy CarPlay for our current cars for as little as $500. Now Pioneer has confirmed its in-dash systems will be getting CarPlay as well, making it even easier to get the iOS-powered infotainment system in your car.

The initial release will bring CarPlay to five Pioneer consoles, with the implication that more models will gain access to the infotainment system in the future. There’s no information on pricing or a specific launch date for now, though Pioneer notes that the entire experience will be seamless. Simply plug in your iPhone to access apps including Music, Maps, Messages and Phone from your dashboard. You can also pick the Pioneer app for controls over the car’s disc drive and other features.

The news that Apple will let CarPlay run on other systems, beyond new cars, from a handful of hand-picked companies is a pleasant surprise from a company that usually does everything it can to keep its software locked up inside pre-approved hardware. OS X and iOS are still restricted to in-house devices, but for CarPlay it looks like things are a bit different.