Apple Car rumors got a boost on Friday with a new report claiming the Cupertino company held a meeting with the California department of motor vehicles (DMV) last month. The Guardian reports that the discussion focused on self-driving cars, citing leaked documents sent to the British paper.

Apple’s senior legal counsel Mike Maletic apparently met with several DMV self-driving car experts, including the deputy director and the chief of strategic planning. There’s no word on exactly what was discussed, though it’s possible Apple was seeking permission to run its first road tests.

Cupertino’s mysterious Project Titan is expected to go head-to-head with similar efforts from Google and Uber. However, Apple may not actually have anything to share with the public until 2020. In the meantime the company has apparently booked a secret test site where it can continue developing the rumored vehicle in private.

Hopefully this means we could get our first unofficial look at the Apple Car before too long, though we still don’t expect to be riding in one any time soon.