Apple’s mysterious Project Titan, otherwise known as the Apple Car, has been the subject of many whispers and news reports over the past several years. A report on Thursday from The Information says Apple moved its planned release date from 2019 to 2021. The former date was originally noted by The Wall Street Journal. While this delay might be disheartening for folks who can’t wait to get behind the wheel of Apple’s electric and autonomous car, the report lines up with an analyst from March, when Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster also suggested the Apple Car launch would occur in 2021.

The Information’s report actually covers three men, the Sumner brothers at Apple, who have worked on various teams at Apple, including on Siri and, now, the Apple Car. According to Tech Insider, which had access to the full report, the Apple Car project has been delayed due to “challenges,” one of which may have been when the leader of Project Titan, Steve Zadesky, departed Apple earlier this year.

That’s in addition to “roadblocks” first reported by AppleInsider back in September, including Apple’s lack of manufacturing experience. Apple had been reportedly talking to Daimler and BMW to help address some of those problems, but those talks also reportedly fell apart in April.

A two year delay, if we can even really call it that, doesn’t seem like a huge deal for something as complicated as a car, but it could be. Google, Tesla, Volvo, Uber and a host of other companies are all pressing forward at breakneck pace to deliver efficient autonomous vehicles. Apple’s used to coming late to the game with a winning product, one need only look at the iPad and iPhone for proof, but a car may prove more difficult to pull off.

The images in the gallery above are from a Motor Trend report published earlier this year.