By now you’ve heard that Apple is secretly working on an autonomous electric car, a vehicle iFans are hoping will shuttle them from one genius bar appointment to the next. But despite what Elon Musk says, there’s only circumstantial evidence supporting the idea that the Cupertino company is actively pursuing a consumer vehicle.

That hasn’t stopped Apple fans from clinging to the iCar dream, a fantasy of which has never been so unabashedly captured than in the video you see above. Somewhere far off in a dreamy digital world rests the fragile steel frame of an Apple Car, the ghost of Steve Jobs in the back seat. It growls and grunts, starting price $100,000.

“More than a car…” the video says.

Apple’s car won’t be ordinary. Even without proper rules and regulations in place, the iCar will apparently refuse to give drivers a steering wheel, and it sure as heck won’t feature a digital dashboard (did you expect anything less?!). Instead, the concept envisions a car with a widescreen display for watching… skate videos?

Check out the video above to see ConceptsiPhone’s imagination run wild. According to Musk, Apple has put “over a thousand engineers” on an car that “will expand the industry.” We’ve heard Apple doesn’t plan on announcing anything until 2019 at the earliest, which gives fans plenty of time to watch the video above on repeat.