There’s been a lot of circumstantial evidence suggesting Apple might be building an electric car, but nothing to really confirm all the varying reports. It seems like a longshot for a company known for software and consumer electronics to build the next great consumer vehicle, but what if? That was the gist of a recent contest held be; to dream up what a possible Apple car could look like. And I hope it looks nothing like the designs that were submitted.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the designs are imaginative and fun. But give me something that looks like an actual car, and not something you’d find in The Fifth Element (great movie, by the way). Maybe that’s just the part of me that prefers more classic car designs.

All told, there were 193 different entries in the contest, with the top prize going to Menithings for his Mercedes-Benz F015-inspired design. A lot of the submissions took a sci-fi futuristic approach, and you have to imagine anything Apple does introduce will have a pretty radical design. I think it’s safe to say it won’t look like anything on the road today.

You can see the winning design above, along with the other submissions at the source link below.