tesla charging station

Driving an all-electric car means relying on a growing patchwork of charging stations. Tesla already offers a pretty strong supercharging network already, but Apple apparently thinks it can do better with its rumored "Project Titan" car.

Reuters reports that Apple has been meeting with various companies focused on electric car charging and scooping up engineers with relevant experience. Cupertino apparently sees "filling up" as a key issue for electric cars, pointing to a lack of charging stations and the long amount of time it takes to recharge. There is already DC fast charging and Tesla's supercharging networks that can give certain EVs about 100ish miles in about a half hour charge. Project Titan could use new software combined with a strong charging network to set itself apart from the competition.

Apple's already hired four car-charging experts including BMW veteran Rónán Ó Braonáin, who worked on the technology for German carmaker. Braonáin's LinkedIn account reveals that he joined Apple in late 2015 with a software-focused position and notes that he's hiring "skilled developers with unique backgrounds."

If Apple can unveil an impressive charging network alongside its rumored car it could make a strong first impression. The electric vehicle isn't expected to arrive for a few more years, though, and by then it may be tough to compete with Tesla's already-impressive network as it continues to expand.