In the next decade, you could be driving Apple’s first automobile. The Cupertino-based company might be preparing it for anywhere between 2023 and 2025. While there may have been a slowdown in development, the Apple Car seems to remain on the table as part of Apple’s long-term roadmap. The larger strategy is to increase revenue beyond phones, tablets, computers, and smartwatches.

Apple doesn’t talk about its future too often, but that’s what analysts are here for anyway. Ming-Chi Kuo, who follows Apple’s every move, published a new report about what products and services are in the pipeline.

The details reveal that Apple wants to offer a groundbreaking vehicle in five to seven years. Based on the report, internally the Apple Car is viewed as a monumental product with as much prestige as the iPhone. Now there’s a serious effort to put it on the road.

Maybe the opportunity isn’t so clear now, but in the near future there will be breakthroughs in the automotive industry. Traditional companies like Ford and General Motors are investing in what’ll reshape transportation, and technology companies are getting involved as well. Apple, according to the report in TF International Securities, could be positioned better than anyone else.

The advantage for Apple would be integration. It knows hardware and software, and Apple’s services business is also gaining momentum. Without question, the Apple Car can benefit from those three areas of expertise.

None of the other companies in the automotive industry can match Apple’s experience. If they do, it’ll take significantly longer and likely require the assistance of another tech company.

The report mentions Apple’s augmented reality-based glasses. Kuo says they should launch in 2020.

Apple’s short-term roadmap isn’t light, either. The new iPhone models are due out later this year, and they should be paired with a new iPad Pro and refreshed Macs. Following an announcement in early-to-mid September, all of these items should go on sale within days or weeks.