Apple is reportedly working to get its rumored Apple Car on the roads as soon as possible. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company is trying to speed up development in an effort to begin shipping the car by 2019, just four years from now.

This news follows a separate report that recently suggested Apple has hit "roadblocks" in its development of the Apple Car, otherwise known as "Project Titan." That report, from AppleInsider, suggested that Apple wants to work with an outside firm for additional help on manufacturing, and listed BMW as a possible partner.

Apple will speed up development by tripling its Apple Car team, which already has 600 people on it, The Wall Street Journal explained. The news outlet wasn't sure how Apple plans to manufacture the car or if it has a partner on board, such as BMW, and called the 2019 shipment date "ambitious." It did suggest, however, that perhaps Apple is only aiming for a 2019 "ship date" as timeframe for when engineers might "sign off o the product's main features" instead of actually shipping to the public.

It certainly does seem ambitious, but perhaps Apple does have a key manufacturing partner already lined up, and we just haven't heard of who it is yet.