Apple’s new campus won’t be finished until late next year, but the spaceship-shaped office building and surrounding structures are already taking form. A new drone video offers our best look yet at the new Cupertino headquarters, along with the planned underground auditorium, and more.

Created by Duncan Sinfield, the video offers a close-up look at the construction site. The main circular building is coming along nicely. In some sections you can see that all four floors are already built. When it’s done, the entire structure will be covered in continuous floor-to-ceiling windows, giving the structure a futuristic “spaceship” appearance. Apple also plans to include a large forested garden with outdoor seating at the center, though for now it’s just a big construction site.

We also get our first good look at the new sunken auditorium. This is where Apple will likely show off new products in the future and hold other events like WWDC. The space is set to hold up to 1,000 people, and features a sleek glass entryway at ground level.

Finally, there’s Apple’s new research and development building, which sits separate from the rest of the office. This could be where the company carries out some of its most top-secret projects in the future.

Check out the full video above, or if you’re short on time check out our gallery of screenshots below.